Ron Miscavige showing the Exer-Genie on SDS



0:01 Ron, before I let you go, dude, I I don’t know if you can show me, but I want to see an Exer-Genie you sell Exer-Genie something you’ve been using, since the 16th.

0:13 I’ve used an Exer-Genie for 53 years. Okay. Hang on a second. Yeah. Do you want? Okay, awesome. That’s an extra GB. Okay, they’re black. I happen to have a white one, which is like almost a collector’s item. But this gives you anywhere from an ounce to 600 pounds of resistance. And that handle pulls out. That’s the resistance he didn’t.

1:53 And so what is it you attach that to the floor or something? Well, you’re gonna catch board that you stand on to adore. If you go on the internet, and look at how the Exer-Genie works. You will see me showing an extra fee and telling you the methodology of it. I’m telling you all this book. Bullshit. You have to get rid of this book nonsense. And you need to be doing interviews on the extra Genie. Bro. This is this is your ticket.

2:26 tell you something. I’ve used it for 53 years. I’m still in very good shape. Yeah, you Yeah, absolutely. Use your at one. Is that correct? Maybe one. I still do. I did. I get back from a gig. And this morning. I went out. And I have another gig for myself. And I usually do anywhere between four and six gigs a week. And I sell actually, genies. And of course, when I got out. I self published to be humorous book. Yes. One of them. Yeah. What do they call True Confessions of a kid. And the other one is a hideout for midgets on the land. Nice. That’s the one I wanted to ask you about hideouts from midgets on the lam. Yeah. And they’re all true stories except for the hideout for the midget on the land. But they’re true stories of my growing up and Nicole regions in 40s and 50s. And yes, you gotta laugh at him. I’ve been telling you stories my whole life. And people have said to me run Sunday. You got to write a book. So I escaped from the church. And that gave me a lot of times I wrote him and I self published them.

3:25 Nice. Good deal. Yeah, check that out. We have books to read extra genies to work out any extra GD you like, You’re, you’re doing your pull ups with it. Or, you know, curls within what are you doing? You can do everything. But the methodology is this. You start out each movement with the static contraction. In other words, what you would do is you would pull on it for 10 seconds, the Janet you do an isometric contraction, and then you pull it through a full range of motion for 12 seconds. Okay, go on the internet. Look at how the Exer-Genie works. You’ll see that you’ll understand the methodology and can they buy this on your website right? The Packers used to use this in the 60s when he won the championship Come on man max McGee and the boys you see us that that’s awesome Vince Lombardi is the one who I’m using it and they can buy this people can buy the Exer-Genie on your site the real Ron Miscavige calm you just go to extra Jeannie calm and tell them that you’re buying it for me and I’ll tell you this if he if you use it you’ll benefit more from this than any other exercises device you advice that’s a that’s a ringing endorsement yeah well look I’m going to use the next week to do a top down there I’ll take my actions union with Me taking a hotel room my my workouts are about anywhere from eight to about 15 minutes that’s it you get a whole body workout nice

4:59 awesome well this I’m glad you showed me thank you for going and getting one and I look forward to talking to you again soon.


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