Baseball Training

Used by Olympians, professional sports teams, and athletes everywhere, EXER-GENIE® is More than Resistance…More than Speed…More than Suspension…More than Flexibility.

Athletes of all ages for over 50 years have found that Sport Specific Strength, Speed and Flexibility is more efficiently achieved with an EXER-GENIE® Portable Variable Resistance System

Check out Gene Logan’s Throwing Baseball Study:

RESULTS (In only 5 weeks)

“The pretest means were: (1) Group I, 75.895 mph; (2) Group II, 75.895 mph and (3) Group III, 75.159 mph.”

The posttest means wer: (1) Group I, 84.001 mph; (2) Group II, 78.842 mph and (3) Group III, 75.306 mph

Read the Logan Study

Check out how to use the EXER-GENIE® VRT Classic System and the Adjustable Training Straps to build hamstring and hip flexor performance and recovery

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