Speed Trainer 36m (120′) one X-Harness


X-Harness System by Exer-Genie®VRT® 36 Meter (120′) Training Line

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The Exer-Genie® Speed Development System is an Adjustable, Portable, Variable Resistance Training machine with a 120′ training line and variable resistance settings.


  • Exer-Genie® VRT® Variable Resistance Trainer
  • 120ʼ (36 Meter) Training Line
  • Padded X Harnesses – Carrying Case
  • Quick Start Guide

Exer-Genie® has been used to improve running speed for Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Hockey and Soccer athletes. It is a valuable tool for Resistance Running, Agility and Form speed training workouts for all ages.

Training with the Exer-Genie® will increase Running Form, Running Speed and Agility. It is more effective than Rubber Bands, Sleds or Parachutes. Other uses include Functional Rehab and Power Development. Made in the USA!

Choose this Speed Development System for Running Speed, Functional Movement, Functional Rehab and Power Development

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