Speed Training

Speed Training

Move Like
The Wind.

Used by Olympians, professional sports teams, athletes and people of all ages everywhere, EXER-GENIE® VRT adds a new dimension to Functional and Sport Specific Athletic training programs.

EXER-GENIE® is an important and versatile tool
“One Unit…Infinite Use”

Check out on Track use of the EXER-GENIE® Speed Development System and crank up your training routine with EXER-GENIE® VRT today!

Get Speed Development System

Check out how to improve leg performance In Season, Post Season or Pre Season using the EXER-GENIE® VRT Classic System with Adjustable Training Straps

EXER-GENIE® Hamstring Hip Flexor Station to build flexibility, elasticity, strength and freshen up your legs from EXER-GENIE® on Vimeo.

Fresh legs win games…Use the EXER-GENIE® VRT Classic to do your Hamstring and Hip Flexor flexibility, strength and rehab movements. More effective and efficient than spending time one on one in the training room.

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